Friday, January 14, 2011

Rift Planes of Telara Enter the Rift Trailer [HD]

Will this game succeed in the current MMO-Market? I hope it doesn't turn into a Free to play that doesn't do anything but wheedle away. I like to root for upcoming gaming companies like Trion, I will be playing.

The game itself includes some interesting ideas to add to the current market of mmo's.
The idea of random Pve( Player vs Environment) events known as "rifts" will happen anytime or anywhere and can drastically change what you're doing in the world is exciting. I've been playing the beta and I have never been spawn camped by Npc's (non-player character) until this game, I was laughing the whole time then stuff got real when some world pvp broke out along with this crazy rift that was pumping out npc mobs that was attacking both side.

To look up more about the story,lore or just to see what i'm talking about check out

Rift Ce


  1. Hey buddy, guess i'm the first posted in this. Hope you're enjoying the blogging scene! Keep it up. I'm following and supporting now!

  2. this looks intriguing. i'm admittedly not a fan of MMO's (generally speaking, because i'm open minded) but this looks like something i'd consider purchasing, if my computer is up to the required specs (which is unfortunately is not)